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Dogs Prevent Burglary Attempt in Marikina City, Suspect Left Slippers & Shirt

Dogs Prevent Burglary Attempt in Marikina City, Suspect Left Slippers & Shirt

Dogs Foils Burglary Attempt in Marikina City After Barking to Alert House Owners

In Marikina City, an attempted burglary at a residence was prevented by the homeowner’s pet dogs, Balsy and Black. The incident took place in Barangay Sta. Elena in the early hours of the morning, around 3 a.m.

The CCTV footage showed a suspect breaking into the house and entering the living room where the homeowners’ ten-year-old child was sleeping.

However, the burglars’ plans were quickly foiled when Balsy and Black, the two vigilant dogs, started barking loudly, alerting the homeowners to the intruder’s presence. The loud barking of the dogs caught the burglar off guard, and he immediately fled the scene, leaving his slippers and shirt behind.


“Inaamoy niya po yan… Dyan galing ‘yung magnanakaw, na a-amoy niya na may ibang tao,” the complainant identified as alias Paula said.

During the commotion, Balsy even jumped on the sleeping child and tried to wake him up, showing that the dogs were not only protecting their owners but also their family members.

One of the homeowners woke up from the noise and quickly secured the house, ensuring that the intruder could not re-enter.

Although the suspect’s escape was not captured on camera, he reportedly stole three mobile phones from a nearby house. The police have launched a follow-up investigation into the break-in and are searching for the suspect.

Last but not the least, it is essential to keep your home secure at all times and be aware of any suspicious activity in your neighborhood. If you plan to go out of town, it is crucial to inform local authorities and ensure that your home is secure before leaving.

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