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Wife, Alleged Affair Raid by Cops in CamNor: “Nag-usap lang kami”

Wife, Alleged Affair Raid by Cops in CamNor: “Nag-usap lang kami”

Wife and Alleged Affair Raid by Cops Inside Rented Room in CamNor

Police authorities caught an unfaithful wife and her alleged affair after being raid inside their rented room in Camarines Norte (CamNor).

According to a report, a wife who was allegedly cheating on her husband was caught inside a rented room in Daet, Camarines Norte, with his supposed lover. Two of the police officers summoned by the woman’s husband said that they were only conversing.

Wife Affair Raid CamNor

In a report on GMA Regional TV, the cops recorded a video of the 29-year-old wife and her partner inside the room. The woman’s lover was discovered to be a security guard. According to the husband, his wife left their home without saying goodbye at midday on Monday.

With reservations, the husband surreptitiously followed the woman till he arrived at a rented room. The husband called the police because he was afraid the man with his wife had a gun. Based on the report, when the cops arrived, it took 10 minutes for the wife and the man to answer the door.

They only talked inside the room, they explained. But the husband is skeptical because he has overheard his wife and the man conversing several times. The wife will be prosecuted with adultery, while the putative boyfriend will be charged with violating Republic Act 9262, often known as the “Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.”

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