Doctor for Salilig Allegedly Refused to Check the Hazing Victim

Doctor Denies He Refused to Check Hazing Victim John Matthew Salilig

The doctor for the late Adamson University student John Matthew Salilig denied that he refused to check the hazing victim.

According to a GMA News report, the doctor named in the Salilig hazing case has denied the claims leveled against him. The doctor was accused of refusing to examine the victim when asked to.

According to the article, the doctor appeared before the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and provided a statement in response to the allegations. The doctor agrees to an interview on the condition that he not be recognized.

Salilig Doctor

During the interview, the doctor stated that he simply picked up his cousin, who he later discovered had joined the fraternity. The doctor admitted to being a Tau Gamma Phi member. He claimed he was unaware of any initiation or welcoming rituals.

The doctor stated in his affidavit that his cousin contacted him, but it was another person who asked what should be done to a person who had lost consciousness. The doctor said that the patient needed to be transported to the hospital.

However, the phone was soon turned off, and the doctor stated that he had no idea with whom he spoke. Saliglig died as a result of the excessive paddles he received from fraternity members.

Salilig, a member of the fraternity chapter in Zamboanga, was initiated into the Adamson chapter on February 19 at Bian, Laguna. After that, he died, and fraternity members allegedly decided to bury his body rather than take him to the hospital.

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