Ping Lacson Reacts to Gabriela’s “Paid Menstrual Leave” Bill

Ping Lacson Shares Thoughts on Gabriela’s “Paid Menstrual Leave” Bill

Former Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson shares reactions to the Gabriela Women Partylist bill filed that gives women “paid menstrual leave”.

Lacson responded to Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Arlene Brosas’ measure on Twitter. The law proposes to give women two days of “paid menstrual leave” per month.

“Maternity leave, paternity leave, and now, menstrual leave – all with pay,” Lacson said in his Twitter post on Friday, March 24.

“Next time, a legislative measure will be filed mandating menopause and andropause allowances to increase the testosterone levels of workers,” he added in his tweet.

Ping Lacson Menstrual Leave

Brosas introduced House Bill No. 7758, or the ‘Menstrual Leave Act,’ on March 22 to provide at least two paid menstrual leaves to female employees in the private and governmental sectors. According to Hum Reprod Update, primary dysmenorrhea, or painful menstruation, affects 45 to 95 percent of menstrual women.

According to Brosas’ explanatory note, MRS patients had worse scores in various dimensions of quality of life during their periods, including overall health, physical, mental, social, and vocational functioning. Menstrual leave is also being implemented in nations such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Spain, according to Brosas.

Brosas noted that La Union Governor Raphaelle Veronica Ortega-David signed a plan last year to allow female provincial government employees to work from home on the two days of their menstruation. The identical approach is alleged to have been applied in the Aklan town of Tangalan.

“There is a need to provide women with the flexibility and support they need to manage their reproductive health without the fear of negative consequences such as losing pay, falling behind in work, or facing disciplinary action. Thus, the immediate passage of this bill is earnestly being sought,” said Brosas.

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