Lorna Tolentino Denies Elderly Woman is Sister of Rudy Fernandez

Lorna Tolentino Debunks Claim of Elderly Woman That She is Sister of Rudy Fernandez

Veteran actress Lorna Tolentino denied the claim of an elderly woman that she is allegedly the sister of Rudy Fernandez.

A grandma who claims to be the sister of late action hero Rudy Fernandez, spouse of award-winning actress Lorna Tolentino, has recently become the talk of the town. The grandmother introduced herself as “Teodola Galacio,” an 85-year-old woman.

Teodola recalled her memories of Rudy, her younger brother. Rudy was only seven months old, according to the elderly woman, when she fed him since their mother became ill. She also disclosed that she and her siblings have seven siblings.

“Pitong buwan pa lang siya noong pinapakain ko siya kasi nagkasakit ang nanay namin, pito kaming magkakapatid,” said Teodolo, who was said to be only a teenager at the time.

Rudy Fernandez Sister

Their land was supposedly sold to pay for the hospital because of the mother’s condition. In addition, Rudy is reported to have been adopted. He was purportedly registered by his adoptive parents.

Their family’s land was supposedly sold as a result of being brought back and forth to the hospital, and it was decided to adopt the child they claim is Ruday. It is said that it was handed to a neighbor who married the lad from Manila, and they are the ones who registered it, as evidenced by their names appearing on the birth certificate.

Teodola is overjoyed with Rudy’s accomplishments. Meanwhile, PEP questioned Rudy and Lorna’s children, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Rap Fernandez, about their deceased’s self-proclaimed sister, who, if real, turns out to be their aunt.

Lorna, on the other hand, was adamant that Rudy had not been adopted. The experienced actress responded to the reports about Daboy in a message to “Quick Talk with Boy Abunda.” Teodola’s assertion regarding her deceased husband is false.

“Nakakahiya naman na sagutin pa si lola na lahat ng legal documents ay meron si Daboy. Proof na talagang Padilla-Fernandez at baby pictures. Ate Merle is Rudy’s eldest sister,” said Lorna, based on the article of Inquirer.

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