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Man Slaps Woman w/ Slice of Pizza During Heated Argument

Man Slaps Woman w/ Slice of Pizza During Heated Argument

Cops Arrest Man for Slapping Woman w/ Slice of Pizza

The police authorities arrested a man who slapped a woman with a slice of pizza during exchange of heated argument.

As per court documents, a man from Florida named Ortelio Lazaro Alfonso was taken into custody after reportedly assaulting a woman with a piece of pizza amidst an intense argument.

The arrest affidavit filed by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office suggests that this strange attack was carried out during a possible domestic disturbance. The victim alleged that Alfonso, who is 39 years old, hit her on the left side of her face with the pizza slice during the altercation.


It was further mentioned in the court documents that the man got agitated when he found out that the victim had hit someone else’s “bottom area” in the house.

As a result of the pizza attack, pizza sauce was splattered on the victim’s shirt, collar, and the back of her shirt. According to the sheriff’s office, remnants of pizza were also found in her hair and near her ear, while the sauce was discovered by authorities on the kitchen walls and ceiling.

 “The defendant advised he did not physically strike the victim with his hands, just with the pizza,” the deputies said.


Alfonso was subsequently charged with battery for his actions and was later released from custody.

However, this one-of-a-kind event emphasizes the need of using peaceful conflict resolution approaches and raises worries about the impact of physical violence in family disagreements. It also serves as a reminder that using physical force to settle conflicts is never appropriate, particularly in tense situations.

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