Karen Davila Clarifies Laughing at TV Patrol Closing Spiel is Due to Fart

Karen Davila Denies Fart is the Reason Why They Laugh at TV Patrol Closing Spiel

Veteran journalist Karen Davila clarified that fart is not the reason why she and her co-anchors laughed during the closing spiel of TV Patrol.

A video recorded during the concluding spiel of TV Patrol’s February 28, 2023 broadcast went viral on social media. This is supposedly due to a mystery sound that netizens have heard.

A farting sound can be heard in the circulating video online while the news program’s hosts, Noli de Castro, Karen Davila, Bernadette Sembrano, and Henry Omaga-Diaz, were delivering their concluding spiel. The four hosts couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Karen Davila Spiel Fart

Davila, on the other hand, addressed the internet about the aforementioned viral video. She revealed that the incident was merely embellished with a sound effect and then posted on the internet.

“Bakit ba kami tawa ng tawa? Kasi po, si @kabayannolidecastro lagi nagpapatawa bago mag extro at gusto mag banter! Napagsabihan kami that day, no banter na – ayun ayaw, nagpatawa pa!”Davila wrote.

“THIS IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO. Don’t believe those with sound effects being passed around. Love the team at @tvpatrolph we really have a lot of fun everyday!” she added in her post.

Sembrano also commented on the video, claiming that it was edited and that they were just having fun at the time. Omaga-Diaz revealed that they were laughing because of a ” joke,” not because someone had passed gas. De Castro also stated that they were unable to stop laughing because Davila had already begun.

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