Driver Argues with MTPB Enforcer who Flagged Him in Yellow Light

Driver Contest to MTPB Enforcer Who Apprehended Him Due to Yellow Light

A vehicle driver contested his rights to the traffic enforcer of Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) after being apprehended due to yellow light.

In the video, a driver expresses his frustration to a traffic officer after being pulled over even though the traffic signal was still yellow when he drove ahead. The driver, Herico Clave Sales, challenges the enforcer for stopping him for a traffic offense.

According to his post, the MTPB enforcer pulled him over because he reportedly went through red or stop signals. He stated that when he crossed the street, the signal was still green, implying that he was completely focused on the traffic light.

MTPB Enforcer Yellow Light

Nevertheless, as he approached the end of the Osmea Highway, the traffic light went yellow. As a result, he was caught by a traffic enforcement officer. The enforcer encouraged him to just fight the capture, but the driver refused.

“Ganto po kasi ang nangyari, galing ako sa P. Ocampo Sr, palabas kami ng Osmena Highway naka green light pa sya, nakatutok po talaga ang atensyon ko sa traffic light habang papalabas ako ng Osmena Highway, dahil hindi naman lingid sa kaalaman ko bilang matagal na nag-drive dito sa manila, na karamihan sa mga MTPB rnforcer ng maynila ay nag aabang yan, sa mga stoplight, nag aabang sila ng mga magkakamaling motorista. pero sa pagkakataon na ito nasa tama ako,” said the driver.

“habang naka labas na Ang ulo ng dinadala ko sa kanto ng Osmena bigla naman sya nag yellow kaya tuloy lang po ako sa pagpasok sa osmena, kc 3seconds naman po yan bago mag red, itong inforcer na ito, nakaabang na agad sa akin at pinara nya ako. huminto po ako at sinabi sa kanya sir kita mo naman po na naka yellow pa sya diba, ang sagot nya sa akin naka red nadaw, sabi ko sir yellow po yan,” he added in his post.

Eventually, the traffic policeman relented and let them pass the claimed offense. The driver, on the other hand, expressed gratitude to the MTPB officer for not continuing to arrest him.

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