Nadine Lustre Establishes New Online Businesses

New Online Businesses of Nadine Lustre

NADINE LUSTRE – Filipina actress, singer, and entrepreneur Nadine Lustre recently launched her new online businesses.

Nadine Lustre, a multi-award-winning actress, hasn’t been in the spotlight as much lately since she has been very busy developing her online business, or, might I say, businesses. Netizens refer to her as “President Nadine” because of her thorough and considerate way of living, and she now devotes a lot of time to making sure her online businesses,, and, are working smoothly.

Based on a report from Philstar, the 29-year-old celebrity just opened her online stores on Shopboxo, a user-friendly and perpetually free program, and web-based online store builder. It is integrated with online payment, inventory management, order tracking, and delivery features.

Nadine Lustre

The more recent of her two internet businesses is, where she sells her recently released perfume, Luster. As new Luster items are released onto the market, it will carry them. In the boutique, she also offers for sale a number of high-end things from her own wardrobe., the alternative store, is the “tambayan” for those who share Nadine’s love of houseplants. Visit the shop to purchase plants, accessories, and other items that plants require, as well as a variety of lifestyle products that Nadine herself has personally chosen.

Given the youth of these two internet shops, the actress-turned-entrepreneur is actively involved in both. She is wasting no time in pursuing her goal of turning these web enterprises into profitable ventures. She is therefore grateful that she founded her online businesses with Shopboxo because it provides answers to her issues.

“It can be a bit difficult to handle an online business, but I’m glad Shopboxo is there to make things easier. It only takes a few minutes to set up your own store on the app, and the best part is it’s free,” the actress said.

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Photo Source: ABS-CBN

According to the report, Kaniyet Rayev, the chief executive officer of Shopboxo, said that their app’s UI was created to be simple for online retailers to use.

“Uploading a product to an online store is as easy as uploading a story on IG. Tracking orders in real-time is as simple as going through comments on Facebook. With Shopboxo, our aim is to give small players with big ideas a real shot at realizing their visions, which might otherwise be unattainable due to lack of funds or technical know-how. Our aim is to finally make e-commerce the true equalizer it has always had the potential to be,” Rajev said.

Shopboxo, which claims to be completely free, enables even non-technical online sellers to quickly create fully functional online stores with eye-catching visuals. Instead of using peer-to-peer transfers, store owners can now collect payments directly from their customers using credit or debit cards, as well as e-wallets like GCash or Maya. With the help of Shopboxo’s partners, such as Ninja Van, Lalamove, and GrabExpress, customers can arrange delivery in-store.

Photo Source: @nadine IG

Based on the report, the brand already powers 70,000 stores in various regions and industries less than a year after its launch. Its benefits, including its availability for free, user-friendly layout, and dependability, have made it the app of choice for online retailers like Nadine’s two stores.

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