Kylie Verzosa Admits Dating with Marco Gumabao But Never Worked Out

Kylie Verzosa Reveals Dating With Marco Gumabao But Never Worked Out

Beauty queen and actress Kylie Verzosa revealed that she and Marco Gumabao tried dating but never worked out.

During an interview with the King of Talk Boy Abunda’s program “Quick Talk,” Kylie acknowledged that she and actor Marco Gumabao have something in common. Tito Boy asked her directly if she and Marco had dated before her ex-boyfriend Jake Cuenca.

Kylie Verzosa Marco Gumabao

Kylie responded by admitting they attempted it but it didn’t work out. They were still young, according to her, two years ago. They are claimed to have remained close friends.

“Siguro, a long time before Jake, long way before Jake — mga two years ago. We tried. We tried it out, but we were…bata pa kami nun eh,” said the beauty queen.

“But we remained very good friends. Happy ako sa lahat ng mga pinagdaanan niya sa buhay niya. I’ve seen him grow as an actor, as a person. We are still catching up. So yeah, we remain very good friends.” she added.

Kylie also stated in the interview that she and Jake have been unable to communicate after a year apart. She stated that only time will tell if we can meet each other in a very friendly situation.

“I know it’s been a long time pero siguro in time. Only time will tell kung we’re able to already see each other in a very friends setting,” he replied to Tito Boy when he was asked about it.

“Ayoko siyang pilitin pero darating ang panahon when we’ll meet each other and maybe, who knows? Time will only tell,” she added.

Kylie and Jake dated for three years before splitting up in April 2022. In retrospect, the actress stated that their relationship did not fail; rather, it simply ended. She also revealed that the breakup was the result of a lengthy process. Despite admitting that she was the one who predicted it, she stated that they “both came to grips with it gradually.”

In terms of the reason for their breakup, Verzosa stated that she was unsure. Kylie is now collaborating with Marco on the film “Baby Boy Baby Girl,” which is set to be released on March 22.

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