Marco Gumabao Shares Story About Reporter He Did Not Greet

Marco Gumabao was accused of being a snob due to this incident

Actor Marco Gumabao shared the story about a showbiz reporter he did not greet when they met at a restaurant.

Marco has already spent several years in the entertainment industry. His first acting project was in Toda Max in 2012. From doing supporting roles, he eventually did leading man roles.

His recent movie is Baby Boy, Baby Girl with Kylie Verzosa. During a recent press conference for this movie, they were asked about the issue being raised against younger stars who tend to disrespect veteran stars, based on the article in PEP.

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Marco Gumabao said that it is just right for younger stars to gree the senior stars. “I 100 percent agree with the veterans who think that way or who feel that way, rather. Kasi importante talaga yung magbigay-pugay ka — a simple hello, a simple… yung magpakilala ka lang,” the actor said.

He also said that this is one of the important lessons he learned from his former co-stars. The actor said that seasoned stars would tell him to always introduce himself to others and not assume that people already know him. Even if people know him already, he would still introduce himself.

“A simple ‘hi’ and a simple greeting would always suffice,” the actor stressed. Then, Marco recalled the time when there was a showbiz reporter who wrote a negative write-up about him.

The actor shared that it was because of an incident. “We were in ABS [CBN], dun sa isang restaurant dun. We were just eating kasi taping namin doon, e. Tapos nag-hi yung ibang cast members dun sa isang press,” he shared.

Since he was just new in showbiz at that time, he had no idea who the reporter was. Then, the next day a negative write-up about him was released saying that he was a snob.

Marco Gumabao revealed that he really contacted the reporter and apologized. “So I messaged the press person personally and I was, like, ‘I’m sorry, hindi ko po kayo kilala. I’m just new here. Hindi ko po kilala lahat ng tao na ganyan.’ I said sorry and up until now, okay na kami nung press person na yun, wala na kaming problem,” he shared.

The actor reiterated the importance of introducing one’s self in situations like this, especially the news spread like wildfire.

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