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Maegan Aguillar Sings the Iconic Song of Her Father “Anak”

Maegan Aguillar Sings the Iconic Song of Her Father “Anak”

Maegan Aguillar Goes Viral When She Sings the Iconic Song of Her Father “Anak”

Former singer Maegan Aguillar goes viral on social media after she sings her father Freddie Aguillar’s iconic song “Anak”.

Maegan’s netizen buddy recently shared a video of her singing in the videoke of her father’s song “Anak,” which was made famous by her father Ka Freddie Aguilar. The video has gone viral on social media, eliciting a wide range of opinions from the online community.

Maegan Aguillar Sings Anak

It was uploaded in a Facebook post by the uploader “Mariz Mattila,” and it is still being talked about, especially since she and his father’s feud is still in the press. The netizen stated in the description that she is a superb singer and wishes not to give up hope.

“Sayang ka Maegan napakagaling mong kumanta. Sana hindi ka mawalan ng pag asa,” said the caption of the Facebook post.

Many internet users are hoping to see and hear the father and son perform together as an indication that they have calmed down. Maegan previously stated that she did not want her parents or relatives to come near or even touch her body after she died.

Recently, Freddie’s singing of “Anak” was also discussed, and netizens expressed optimism that the father and son would reunite. Some internet users stated that the legendary Freddie was created for Maegan, who was accused of drug use.

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