Lady Netizen Shares Photos of Alleged ‘Sigbin’ Spotted in Butuan City

Lady Netizen Shares Photos of Alleged ‘Sigbin’ Spotted in Butuan City

BUTUAN CITY – A lady netizen has shared the horrifying photos of an alleged mythical creature called ‘Sigbin’.

Netizens have been left terrified after Facebook user Jenelyn Amarga uploaded the creepy photos of what appears to be a “sigbin” taken by her neighbor in Tagabaca, Butuan City.

Jenelyn revealed that her neighbor initially thought it was their pet hen, which is why they didn’t bother to pick it up from the road. However, after seeing the photos, they were shocked because it resembled either a dog or a sigbin.


The woman warned her neighbors and netizens not to roam around at night, as the sigbin is a creature in Philippine mythology believed to come out at night to suck the blood of its victims from their shadows.

This creature is often described as having the head of a horned goat or a deer, a muscular body, and a long, thin tail that can wrap around its prey. It is said to emit a foul odor and make a hissing or snarling sound.

The sigbin has been a part of Filipino folklore for centuries and is often associated with tales of supernatural encounters and sightings. While many dismiss it as mere superstition, some people still believe in its existence and consider it a dangerous creature.

Sigbin Sigbin

The photo of the alleged sigbin has sparked fear and curiosity among netizens, with many sharing their own stories of supernatural encounters. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, some have called on experts to investigate the authenticity of the photo and determine whether the creature really exists.

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2 thoughts on “Lady Netizen Shares Photos of Alleged ‘Sigbin’ Spotted in Butuan City”

  1. i truly believed of this creature that they exist to our land.
    and this creature are realy dangerous when they comes out.
    nd lang ito sumisipsip nang dugo but, nakakapatay narin ito nang tao sa pamamagitan lamang nang kanilang singaw.

    my father always told us na ito ay karaniwang inaalagaan nang mga taong masasama.


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