Nathalie Hart Talks About Her New Film After ‘Hibernation’

Nathalie Hart has this comeback film after taking a break

Actress Nathalie Hart is happy that she was able to do a movie again after her self-imposed “hibernation.”

Although she starred in the Vivamax movie Reroute that was released last year, the actress pretty much lay low from showbiz before this new project came. She was focused on taking care of her child.

After her break, she starred in the movie Kunwari Mahal Kita Joseph Marco and Ryza Cenon. In the said movie she played the character of Cindy who asked for an annulment. However, she saw her husband Greg, played by Joseph, with a woman, played by Ryza, who he introduced as his girlfriend.

nathalie hart
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The plot began to be more interesting from this. In this movie, fans of Nathalie Hart might be surprised by her role, based on the article in Manila Bulletin. It is because she is not showing some skin here, unlike in her previous movies.

I’m transitioning and I’m maturing in my craft. It’s nice for me to have this kind of film,” she said. The actress added that although there was a scene in which they kissed, it was not that intimate. She said that this project is a family movie. “You can bring your child, your uncle or your auntie to watch,” she said.

nathalie hart
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This movie also made Nathalie realize the mistakes she did in her previous relationships. She learned that giving so easily is not the solution for certain situations. “Always try to work things out,” she said.

Nathalie Hart also revealed that this is her second time working with director Roderick Lindayag and Joseph Marco. However, in the first project that they did together, she was only an “extra.”

“But in this second movie, I found him fun to work with, so relaxed. I like his character and personality. He’s handsome but I look up to him like a brother. Barkada lang ang feel,” the actress enthused.

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