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Kween Yasmin Slams Fake Makeup Offer Online Using her Photo

Kween Yasmin Slams Fake Makeup Offer Online Using her Photo

Kween Yasmin Debunks Makeup Offer Online Using her Photo Claiming it is Fake

Online personality “Kween” Yasmin Asistido slammed a fake makeup offer on social media allegedly using her photo.

The vlogger turned to Facebook to alert her followers about a phony beauty artist who is allegedly exploiting her likeness in makeup advertising. The post appeared to be a joke regarding cosmetic services worth P300.

“Be aware [of] all social media posts. This time, another fake news na naman!” she said.

Kween Yasmin Fake Makeup

The uploader, on the other hand, used a photo of Yasmin, also known as Kween Yasmin, as a reference. The prior Viva Music Agency talent stated that her admirer told her about the social media post via a private chat.

 “I received the message from the fan. Nakita niya sa some group page. I don’t know ano po gusto niyong palabasin bat kailangan niyo po tong gawin?” Yasmin shared.

She also included screenshots of the private communication her admirer gave her about the disputed Facebook post in her post. A photo of Yasmin wearing full makeup was juxtaposed with a shot of a dirty beauty kit in the image.

The Facebook user who created it then jokingly advertised a P300 economical home cosmetics service. The teenage vlogger was privately messaged by a fan who asked if she got her cosmetics done by the alleged artist. Yasmin notified the admirer that the message was fictitious.

Yasmin also condemned the spread of phony cosmetic posters featuring her official images. Yasmin’s look for her live-selling event on March 8 was incorporated in the manufactured cosmetics offer. On that day, she posted these images to her Facebook account.

“First of all, never ko yan ginawa sa mga makeup artist ko po. So [please] stop doing this to me. I just want to clarify it’s not legit. May mga iba talagang walang magawa kundi [hilahin] ka nila pababa. At alam ng mga makeup artist na kaibigan ko na kung ano talaga ang totoo,” she said.

Yasmin informed her fans on March 10 that the uploader who made the false makeup post apologized to her over Facebook messenger. Yasmin responded by telling the Facebook user that she does not like social media users making fun of her by using her images. She also taught the poser how to share things responsibly on social media.

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