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Ex-Caloocan Cop Found Guilty of Killing 2 Teens in Drug War

Ex-Caloocan Cop Found Guilty of Killing 2 Teens in Drug War

Ex-Caloocan Cop Arrested Over Murder of 2 Teens During Drug War

An ex-Caloocan cop was found guilty of murdering two (2) teens during the Duterte administration’s bloody drug war.

Former PO1 Jeffrey Perez is serving a 40-year jail sentence for the 2017 murders of two teens, Carl Anthony Arnaiz and Reynaldo “Kulot” De Guzman. Perez was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the murders of Arnaiz and De Guzman by the Navotas Regional Trial Court Branch 287.

Perez was also ordered by Judge Romana Lindayag Del Rosario to pay the Arnaiz family P390,000 in total damages: P90,000 for actual losses, P100,000 for civil indemnity, P100,000 for moral damages, and P100,000 for exemplary damages.

Ex-Caloocan Cop Drug War

Perez was also ordered to pay de Guzman’s family P300,000 in restitution. He shall compensate de Guzman’s family P100,000 in civil indemnity, P100,000 in moral damages, and P100,000 in exemplary damages.

Arnaiz was allegedly slain by Caloocan Police Station officers in August 1980, 2017 after allegedly holding up a cab driver, based on the report. On September 6, 2017, De Guzman was discovered dead with 30 stab wounds in Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

Perez had a co-accused in the case, but Patrolman Ricky Arquilita died in prison in April 2019 of probable viral hepatitis B. In 2017, Perez and Arquilita were accused of brutally abusing the teenagers before killing them.

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