Aiko Melendez Signs Contract to the Management of Ogie Diaz

Aiko Melendez Signs Contract with Ogie Diaz as Her Talent Manager

Veteran actress Aiko Melendez signed a contract with the management of talent manager and showbiz vlogger Ogie Diaz.

Their conversation was only verbal after a year of Councilor Aiko Melendez managing Ogie Diaz. But now, the councilor of Quezon City’s 5th District posted that she and Ogie had officially inked a contract as talent and manager.

Aiko Melendez Ogie Diaz

As they signed a well-known talent manager/content creator and entrepreneur, the actress/politician captioned the photographs she uploaded on her Facebook account. According to the post, the contract was signed with both affection and formality.

“Just inked….Ogie Diaz. Sealed it with love and formality. Finally, under the wing and care of my long time friend, confidant. I’m sure there are so many beautiful things that we can still explore together. Thank you,” Aiko wrote in her post.

Liza Soberano’s former talent manager questioned why there is a need to sign and how many years ago he stated that it is alright even without a contract because they have been friends for a long time. According to Bandera’s story, Ogie stated that Aiko is free to tell him if she is unhappy with his administration.

“5 years. Ok lang naman. I told her, pag di ka na masaya, just let me know, let’s save our friendship for more than 3 decades,” he said.

The reporters also quipped that if Aiko ever gets an audition for Marvel, she should not turn it down. According to Aiko, if there is an invitation, she will gladly accept it.

“Ha, ha, haha.  Basta may imbitasyon, why not?” she said.

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