RR Enriquez Reveals Fan Wants to Buy Her Underwear for P50k

RR Enriquez Complains Fan Interested to Buy Her Underwear for P50k per Pair

The social media “Sawsawera Queen” RR Enriquez complained about the fan who allegedly wanted to buy her underwear for P50k per pair.

The former Wowowee dancer posted a strange message from a follower on Facebook. According to her post, an ardent admirer left a note on her Facebook fan page which is managed by her sisters.

RR Enriquez Fan Underwear

The purported fan offered to buy her underwear for P50,000 per pair. She opted not to reveal the man’s identity to the public because he was already married and had his wife in his profile picture.

“The most weirdest message I’ve ever received. I feel sorry for the wife kaya hindi ko na lang ipupost ang name and picture.” RR wrote.

 “I have a facebook fan page and my Sisters are the one handling it. So today they told me and send in our Family group chat that someone sent a message nga daw sa fan page ko and wants to buy my undies for 50thousand pesos for 1-2pairs. He also sent proof na may mga nagbibenta na din sa kanya ng undies na mga models etc.,” she added.

RR couldn’t hide her disappointment after receiving a message from a fan offering to buy her underwear. The model turned down the strange fan’s offer without hesitation.

“My undies aren’t for sale… #SORRYNOTSORRY!!!! For those who are married please bantayan nyo mga social media ng mga asawa nyo. Grabe na din talaga ang betrayal sa marriage life.”It’s great he has a wife and his profile picture is his wife. I felt so bad for his wife… Imagine the betrayal or unfaithfulness,” she stressed in her post.

RR Enriquez is a Filipina actress, model, and television host. She was born in Mandaluyong City, Philippines, on November 19, 1983. Enriquez began her career as a model before moving on to acting.

She has appeared in various films and television shows, including “Ligaw na Bulaklak,” “Zorro,” and “Nasaan Ka Maruja?”. Enriquez, in addition to acting, is a television host. She has hosted shows such as “Happy Yipee Yehey!” and “Wowowin.”

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