Lolit Solis Calls Pokwang “Cheap” & “Bitter” Amid Issue w/ Lee O’Brian

Lolit Solis shared her thoughts on Pokwang’s tirades against Lee O’Brian

Veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis called Kapuso comedienne Pokwang “cheap” and “bitter” for her fiery statement against her former partner Lee O’Brian.

It is known to many showbiz fans that Pokie has been revealing details surrounding her breakup with Lee. For all the years that they have been together, the comedienne claimed that her former partner has not fulfilled his duty as a partner and as a father.

Pokie received different reactions to her tirades against her former partner. Some showed support while there are those who accused her of not being able to move on after what happened.

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In a recent Instagram post, Lolit Solis also shared her thoughts on Pokwang’s tirade against Lee O’Brian. The veteran showbiz writer said that at first, she does not want to make a comment on this but eventually, she was pushed to say something because she is a “sawsawera” after all.

For Lolit, it is already “cheap” what Pokie is doing and this shows that she is still “bitter.” “Alam mo ba na napaka cheap ng dating ng mga sinasabi ni Pokwang dahil para bang bitter na bitter siya sa hiwalayan nila,” she said.

The writer said that there is a classy way of doing this kind of thing, especially when answering netizens’ comments. Then, Lolit has this advice to the comedienne.

Kaya kung ako si Pokwang chill lang, tahimik lang, wah na comment. Mas maganda pa iyon para sa kanya, mas magiging class pa siya,” she said, adding that as Pokie still has an active career, she should just focus on this.

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