Maegan Aguilar Forbids Family to Take Her Body if She Died

Maegan Aguilar Forbids Family to Take Authority on Her Body if She Passes Awayis

Singer Maegan Aguilar forbids her family including her father Freddie Aguilar to take her body if she unfortunately died.

The daughter of a veteran singer revealed on Facebook that she had forbidden and removed all authorities from her family from retrieving her body if she died. Maegan, who was abandoned by her own family due to her vices, stated that she did not want her relatives to take advantage of the situation if she was gone.

“I am forbidding & removing all legal/illegal authority from my parents, siblings, and the rest of my bloodline to go near & touch my corpse just to manipulate my situation to their f—– up advantage all over again,” Maegan said.

Maegan Aguilar Forbids Body

Maegan even stated that her body may be taken by anyone other than her family. She also stated that strangers may take her body and use her meat to feed her father and mother if they so desired.

“Strangers can pick up my body & use my flesh at IPAKAIN ito to poison Freddie Pascual Aguilar & Josephine Ponce Queipo-my biological mother,” she also said in her post.

It should be noted that Maegan was unable to gain the backing of Sen. Raffy Tulfo after demonstrating her willingness to continue her vices. Maegan was chastised by the Senator for lying to him after testing positive in the hair follicle drug test.

Tulfo even offered to rehab Maegan, who has several health issues, but she refused, claiming she only wanted money to start a business. Tulfo, on the other hand, did not believe Maegan’s explanation, and other netizens complimented the senator for not listening to the former singer since she would use the money to pay for her vices again.

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6 thoughts on “Maegan Aguilar Forbids Family to Take Her Body if She Died”

    • Yes Send. Tulfo is very right in his willingness to put Maegan to rehab and she losses her chance to change her life for the sake of her children.. May our Lord touches her heart once again, repent and ask forgiveness so Sen. Tulfo might have a second thought of helping her out of her vices ..God bless

  1. Dapat lang na hnde muna cia bigyan Kasi bka Kung Saan nia lang uubusin ung pera kailangan patunayan nia na magbabago na cia kitang Kita nman na nagsisinungaling cia sa nakikita q parang gusto lang nia Ng simpatya Ng mga tao pra masira Ang tatay nia Kasi prang hnde na nia Alam Ang ginagawa nia at pinagsasabi sa LAhat Ng ayaw q cnungaling Kya Tama lang Ang ginawa ni senator Raffy tulfo karamihan Ng mga ginagamit cla ung number one na cnungaling etong tatay Ng anak q kilalang addict dito sa lugar nmin kht ano ebbentA makabili lang cia Kya mabuti nlang nalaman q Ng maaga ngaun 7 yrs na kmi hiwalay may anak kmi isa 12 year old na lalake humingi aq Ng sustento kht 1,000 lang weekly lage cnasavi wlang pera pero makkita mu kasama ung mga kaibigan nia don cia nkatira sa bhay Ng nanay Nia hnde q na pinipilit na magbigay pinagkakasya q nlang Kung magkano ung Kita q …Kya Kung pwede senator Raffy hingi Sana aq ng konteng pangkabuhayan nmin pra mabayaran q rin ung mga utang q at WlA pong sapatos at uniform etong anak q WlA rin po kmi kuryente nagseserve aq sa simbahan dito sa Pampanga pati na Rin etong anak q dhil WlA kming kuryente kht Saan aq nakikiusap pra magplantsa minsan kht sa barangay nmin dito sa sta cruz Lubao Pampanga nakikiusap aq kay kapitan allan paule pra lang maplantsa q ung mga damit nmin Senator Raffy bka pwede mabigyan mu din aq ng tulong… maraming slamat at God bless!!!

  2. So sad, this rants and tirades are obviously “cry for help” but then again I can’t blame the parents for the tough love approach, am sure they’ve exhausted all means of help before the situation all came to this, difficult as it is, Meghan and Meghan alone must decide how and where her life should take its course, whatever path she’s taking it should start with accountability and ownership to one’s mistake.. otherwise it’ll only be a constant vicious cycle of emotional distress, trauma, impaired attachment, blaming others for their dependency. Her drug use is an emotional crutch that makes her feel safe.

    • Mabuti na rin yon na hinindian sya ni Sen.Raffy Tulfo sa hinihingi nyang tulong,mga sinasabi ni Meghan,di kapaniwala wala na gagamitin nya sa business ung Pera na hinihingi nya.kumukuha lang sya nang simpatiya sa mga tao para may tumulong sa kanya,mga taong ganyan,mahirap tulungan,Kasi dmo masabi kung nagsasabi nang totoo.

  3. Kawawa nmn c maegan..Sana iparehab sya sa ayaw at gusto nya.. Hopefully,magkaron p sya Ng chance para sumuko sa Diyos.😌🙏🏼


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