VIDEO: TV Patrol Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing During Closing Spiel

TV Patrol Anchors Hilarious Moment While Delivering Their Closing Spiel

TV PATROL – The video of TV Patrol anchors Noli de Castro, Bernadette Sembrano, Karen Davila, and Henry Omaga-Diaz laughing while delivering their closing spiel went viral.

Given everything that’s been going on, the local news can occasionally be just as gruesome or frightening as a horror or dystopian movie. You witness people fleeing a forest fire and scenes of what appears to be the beginning of yet another conflict.

Yet like with anything that happens in front of the camera, reporters on national TV also do humorous mistakes that can get the viewers chuckling, if only for a minute. Sometimes the next day, these humorous bloopers turn into memes or GIFs.

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Noli de Castro, Karen Davila, Bernadette Sembrano, and Henry Omaga-Diaz, the anchors of TV Patrol, recently spread good vibes on social media. They went viral after their closing spiels on yesterday’s episode of the ABS-CBN news program.

In the viral video, the broadcasters were laughing so hard that they struggled to complete their speeches. The audience and numerous internet users then felt happy thanks to their contagious laughter.

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The Kapamilya broadcasters found it difficult to deliver their messages during the aforementioned episode since they could be seen and overheard giggling hysterically. Many netizens wondered why the news anchors were laughing. Other online users said hilarious moment made them laugh as well.

Watch the video below:

Last January, the extro of TV Patrol anchors featuring Kapamilya-Kapuso collab also went viral on social media. Kabayan said, “Kapamilyang may puso”, while Sembrano said, “Kapusong may Kapamilya”. Henry Omaga-Diaz emphasized that the collaboration last year appeared to be impossibly difficult to pull off. The GMA-ABS-CBN collaboration, according to the TV Patrol hosts, is proof that nothing is impossible.

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