Ina Raymundo Reveals Experience with Young Star with Bad Manners

Ina Raymundo also had a bad encounter with a young star

Seasoned actress Ina Raymundo revealed her experience working with a young star with bad manners.

For several instances, seasoned stars in the entertainment industry shared their bad experience working with the younger generation. This is because older celebrities have a certain set of manners they observe while working and they value professionalism.

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Although there are young stars who are able to adapt the good working environment setup, there are still those who are being inconsiderate and disrespectful. This is what Ina shared in a recent interview, based on the article in PEP.

She said that she does not want to reveal the name of the said young star but she hopes that the latter would realize what happened.

“Pero baka ma-realize niya, siya yun. Ah, basta ano siya, nagyoyosi siya. Nasa isang maliit kami na room na walang bintana, tapos nagyoyosi siya sa loob. May mga bata. As in siksikan kami sa room, nagyoyosi siya sa loob,” Ina Raymundo revealed.

She added that it shocked her that the said young star did not realize that it was already suffocating for other people in the said small room. Ina said that the young lacked sensitivity toward other people at that time.

E, may asthma ako, so tumatak talaga sa akin yun dahil na-torture ako dahil nagyoyosi siya sa isang maliit na room, na walang bintana, may mga bata,” she said, adding that they were about eight to ten people in the room and the young star really smoked and it was a turn off for her.

When asked again to divulge if it is an actress or an actor, Ina Raymundo said, “I can’t say, I can’t. Ano na lang, genderless. Pero sana, nagbago na siya. Kasi that’s bad for her health.”

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