Delivery Rider Airs Dismay to Customer Who Wants Him to Transport 500 Pieces of Eggs Using Motorcycle

Delivery Rider Complaints to Customer Who Asked Him to Transport 500 Pieces of Egg Via Motorcycle

A delivery rider has expressed his disappointment to a customer who wanted him to transport 500 pieces of eggs using a motorcycle.

Delivery riders are an essential part of modern society, providing convenient and fast delivery services to people in cities around the world. However, with the increasing demand for these services, some riders have resorted to overloading their motorcycles to maximize the number of deliveries they can make in a day.

This practice not only poses a risk to the rider’s safety but also endangers the lives of other road users.

Delivery Rider

Recently, a delivery rider was dismayed when a customer asked him to transport 500 eggs by motorcycle, which he considered nearly impossible. The customer shared their conversation, and the rider complained, suggesting that the customer cancel the order to avoid penalties.

“Lalamove po.. HIndi po pwede isakay sa motor ang limangdaang itlog. Paki cancel na lang po.” the delivery rider said.

The rider was even willing to lend his motorcycle if the customer insisted, but fortunately, the customer decided to cancel the order and find a different way to transport the eggs.

Delivery Rider

Or puntahan nyo na lang po dito sa inorderan po ninyo at kayo na ang magdrtive papahiramin ko po kayo ng motor,” he added.

Some people online found the conversation amusing, while others commended the rider for prioritizing his safety. It’s worth noting that some delivery riders have overloaded their motorcycles in the past to meet customers’ demands, which can endanger themselves and other motorists.

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