Passport Size Picture of Chie Filomeno Goes Viral: “Grabe ang fresh!”

Passport Size Picture of Chie Filomeno Earns Reactions Anew on Social Media

Looks of actress-model Chie Filomeno become the talk again on social media after she posted a photo of her passport size picture.

Because of her new looks, netizens have once again shared their emotions to the new photo of “Girl on Fire” judge and Kapamilya actress Chie Filomeno. Netizens discuss her passport-sized photo of her face, which is still quite fresh.

Chie Filomeno Passport Picture

She posted the said picture on Twitter. Chie appears to have taken her photo from a photo studio, according to netizens. It can be noted that her prior passport went viral on her TikTok account last year.

Chie became a viral topic on social media just recently because of the photographs on her driver’s license and passport. She stated that because these documents had a 10-year expiration date, she should make an effort to appear well in the images because she will be using them for a long time.

With her ID shots, the actress glammed up and dressed up for the occasion. This received diverse reactions online and her ID images went viral and several netizens attacked her. Some people questioned whether she was allowed to wear make-up and accessories.

According to Chie, she did not anticipate her images to go viral. Chie even taught netizens how to correctly apply make-up so that it is not clear that she is wearing it when shooting images for Identification on TikTok.

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