Jesus Falcis Review on “Ako Si Ninoy”: “Sayang pera. Mahal ang ticket”

Atty Jesus Falcis Gives Honest Review on “Ako Si Ninoy” by Vince Tañada

Atty Jesus Falcis gives an honest review and reaction towards the film of director Vince Tañada “Ako Si Ninoy”.

Jesus Falcis Ako Ninoy

Following that, he went into great length about his review of the aforementioned film. He also mentioned the absence of previous President Ferdinand Marcos Sr’s portrayal in the film. Falcis claims that the film fails to recognize that there is no “Ninoy Aquino” without “Ferdinand Marcos.”

“Baka ako yung bobo. But here’s why it blew my mind: It doesn’t have a message. Ninoy Aquino is a hero, yes. But the movie keeps telling that. It doesn’t show it. We already know Ninoy is a hero. But why? I thought it was basic to know that when persuading people, show; don’t tell,” said Falcis.

“The film’s biggest problem is it didn’t have balls. There was no presentation of Ferdinand Marcos Sr. What the film doesn’t understand is that in history, you won’t have a Ninoy Aquino without a Ferdinand Marcos. They are like Batman and Joker. A hero needs a foil. A hero is made, not born. But the movie just wants to keep telling (so boringly and repetitively) that Ninoy is a hero and that he is destined to be a hero,” he added.

Falcis, although being a pink and anti-Marcos, did not enjoy the picture as a whole. He also noted something in the trailer for Darryl Yap’s “Martyr or Murderer,” which is told from the perspective of the Marcoses.

“I really wanted to like the film. But objectively, even as a kakampink and staunch anti-Marcos, I can’t. Nakakatakot ang trailer ng Martyr or Murderer. Trailer pa lang, it looks more coherent and more effective in its messaging.” If all we’ll have is Katips and ASN, the Marcoses will completely rehabilitate their name in time,” he said.

At the end of his review, he remarked the ending of Ako Si Ninoy, which is about a Ninoy-inspired child who will become president in the year 2052, is “super uncomfortable and delusional”. Falcis does not advocate seeing the film because it is a waste of money, especially given the high ticket price.

“Ako Si Ninoy’s ending scene of a Ninoy-inspired kid becoming President in 2052 is MEGA CRINGE and delusional. Ako Si Ninoy is not helping any inch to make that a reality.”I watched it so you don’t have to. Don’t. Sayang pera. Mahal ang ticket,” he concluded.

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