Ken Chan Admits Real Feelings when his Father Chose his Other Family over them

Ken Chan Opens Up about Father Leaving them for his Other Family

KEN CHAN – The My Special Tatay actor admitted his real feelings when his father chose his other family over their family.

Kapuso actor Ken Chan is one of the most brilliant actors in the Philippine showbiz industry. A lot of people were impressed with his portrayal of his role in My Special Tatay where he played the character of Boyet, a young man with a mild mental disability and is faced with the challenges of being a father amid his condition.

Boyet is undeniably the most popular role that Ken has played and he is also his favorite character as per his revelation during his guesting on Fast Talk with Boy Abunda. The said program is one of the newest shows in the Kapuso network.

Ken Chan
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During the interview, Boy Abunda revealed that it was in 2018 or 2019 when Ken Chan and his family found out that they are not the first and the only family of their father. He has families prior to them. The Kapuso actor was asked about his real feelings about it.

Ken revealed that it came to the point when his mother asked his father to choose between them and his other family. His father chose his other family and left them but the actor stressed that he understood the decision of his father.

According to Ken, he placed himself in the shoes of his father and he would also do the same if he is put in the same situation. The actor stressed that it was the right thing to do because there’s a family ahead of theirs. Boy expressed his respect to the stand of the actor but admitted that he does not really agree with it.

When it comes to him and his siblings having half-siblings, Ken recognized that it is painful on the part of his mother but admitted during the interview that he is happy to have half-siblings knowing there are many of them.

Ken admitted that he and his father no longer talk a lot right now but stressed that he is mad towards his father. According to him, he became happier when he knew that he has a bigger family and it really changed him and made him more responsible. Here’s the interview:

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