Isko Moreno Says He Is A Product Of Marcos, Here’s Why

Isko Moreno talked about his decision to accept the MoM movie offer

Former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said that he is a product of Marcos and here is the reason behind his statement.

After his presidential candidacy, Isko returned to doing showbiz engagements. His comeback movie shocked many people. It is because of the fact that the project is about the Marcoses.

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One of Isko’s presidential opponents in the 2022 elections was President Bongbong Marcos. For the second installment in Direk Darryl Yap’s trilogy Martyr or Murderer, Isko Moreno portrays the character of Ninoy Aquino.

When this was announced, negative reactions were thrown at the former Manila Mayor. In a recent media conference for MoM, based on the article in PEP, Isko shared it is an honor for him to be part of this movie.

Immediately, I said yes, kaya I’m happy and honored. It’s also a great challenge to portray such character like Ninoy who was declared by the state as a hero. It’s a happy experience,” he explained.

He teased that there is an intriguing portion of the movie and that people should watch this. During the presscon, Senator Imee Marcos, who is the executive producer of the movie said that she was surprised that Isko said yes to this project.

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The actor said that he is no bitterness in life. He accepted the fact that he did not win the last election and that it was Sen. Imee’s brother who won. “The next day, there’s a new day, there’s new life. Even Imee can attest to this, Bonget… sorry I call him Bonget kapag medyo kilala mo…” he said.

Isko Moreno also said that he is actually a product of Marcos. “President Bongbong Marcos is also a mutual… parang… alam nila produkto nila ako. The mom, First Lady Imelda Marcos, built Tondo High School. Doon ako nag-graduate and they know it. September 25 nang dumating si Apo [former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.] sa eroplano, sa tarmac. I was there,” the former Manila Mayor said.

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