Diego Loyzaga Speaks on Mom Teresa, Dad Cesar Montano being not on Speaking Terms

Diego Loyzaga Makes Clarification on Relationship between Mom Teresa, Dad Cesar Montano

DIEGO LOYZAGA – The young actor explained further on the statement of his mom, Teresa Loyzaga, that she is not in speaking terms with Cesar Montano.

Both parents of actor Diego Loyzaga are celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry. Thus, many parts of his life were not much of a secret to the public. His issues with his father, Cesar Montano, did not skip the public’s eye but many people are happy over their reconciliation.

Diego are undeniably close to his paternal half-sisters, the three daughters of his father with actress Sunshine Cruz. The two celebrities have been married for several years and were blessed with three (3) girls – Angeline, Samantha, and Francheska. Cesar and Sunshine separated and their marriage was annulled in 2018.

In the past few months, it has been a good sighting to many people to see Cesar and his new family together with Sunshine, their daughters, and Diego. Their blended family spent wonderful bondings together.

Recently, Teresa Loyzaga was asked about her relationship with Cesar Montano. The actress admitted that she is not in speaking term with the actor but clarified that there is no bad blood between the two (2) of them.

Recently, Diego Loyzaga explained on his parents, Teresa Loyzaga and Cesar Montano, being not on speaking terms. Based on an article on Pep, the young actor clarified that his parents being not on speaking terms does not mean that they are not okay. He stressed that it is just that his parents are quite awkward towards each other.

“My dad, even with Tita Shine nung beginning wala siyang gaanong nasasabi, kasi alam mo na may ilangan yun, e. Nahihiya sila sa isa’t isa,” he said.

According to Diego Loyzaga, during an event about the film Maid in Malacañang, both Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga were there in one table and they just said hi and hello to each other. Based on the article, the young actor stressed that supports wherever his parents are comfortable.

“It’s difficult na may anak kayo tapos you’re separated. What small talks can you make with your ex-lover or ex-partner?… For me, kung saan sila masaya,” he said.

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