Dennis Trillo’s Ex-Partner Carlene Aguilar Reacts to Actor’s Relationship w/ Jennylyn Mercado Now

Carlene Aguilar, Former Partner of Dennis Trillo, Speaks on his Relationship w/ Jennylyn Mercado

DENNIS TRILLO – The ex-partner of the Kapuso actor, Carlene Aguilar, was asked about her reaction to his relationship with Jennylyn Mercado now.

Living a celebrity life, it is no secret to the public that Dennis and Jennylyn have sons from their previous relationships. The Kapuso actor has a son named Calix with his former partner, actress and beauty queen Carlene Aguilar. Jennylyn has a son named Alex Jazz with actor Patrick Garcia.

In the case of Jennylyn, Jazz is living with her ever since he was born. In the case of Dennis, there are times that Calix is with his mother and there are also times he is with the actor. The celebrity couple visibly has a good relationship with each other’s son and Calix and Jazz are visibly getting along well, too.

Last April 25, 2022, Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado announced the birth of their baby girl, Dylan. The beautiful bundle of joy of the celebrity couple was delivered through a caesarean section.

Prior to the birth of their baby girl, Dennis and Jen officially tied the knot in a civil wedding. It was an intimate wedding that gathered their families and some closest friends.

Visibly, Dennis and Jen are having some of the best times of their lives. They also reportedly secured a property abroad – specifically in Las Vegas.

Recently, in an interview, Carlene Aguilar was asked about her reaction to the relationship of Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado now. Based on a video report of Pep, the former beauty queen is very happy for the couple because she can see that the actor has really matured.

“Kitang-kita ko yung maturity niya [Dennis] tapos mahal nila yung anak namin [Calix], mahal ni Jen, and wala akong nakikitang bad about ‘yun,” Carlene said.

According to Carlene, there are several times when Calix is with Dennis and Jen because the actor has a home near his school. She gives authority to Jen in parenting Calix as well being his second mother.

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