Alex Gives Dad Bonoy a “Tinapay” for His Birthday Instead of Cake

Alex Gonzaga Gives “Tinapay” to Dad Bonoy Instead of Cake for His Birthday

Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga goes viral again after her “tinapay” gift to his dad Bonoy instead of cake for its birthday.

Alex Dad Bonoy Tinapay

Toni Gonzaga’s younger sister took to Instagram to greet her father Bonoy Gonzaga a heartfelt yet funny birthday message. According to her Instagram post, she sends her father a little loaf of bread instead of cake.

“Happy birthday daddy! Love you always! Pasensya ka na tinapay nalang muna mapapadala ko sayo pambirthday,” Alex shared.

She also advised her father to avoid cake, but the actress only responded with an emoji. It may be remembered that Alex became contentious on social media as a result of a cake during her birthday celebration.

Magiiwas iwas na rin kayo sa mahirap na @bopingonzaga_”, Alex noted.

Meanwhile, her birthday greetings to her father, Bonoy, drew harsh reactions from netizens. Her post was deemed unfunny by the online community, who recalled her supposedly “rude” behavior on her birthday.

To recall, Alex literally had her “birthday bash” after receiving backlash after a video of her smearing icing on the face of server Allan Crisostomo leaked on social media. Many netizens were outraged by her video of smearing the server with icing, and she was chastised for her “rude behavior.”

During the incident, Alex apologized to the waiter and made a public apology. Her apologies, though, were met with criticism. This issue also provided an opportunity for the production team to voice their frustrations toward the actress-vlogger.

Some claimed to have witnessed Alex Gonzaga’s “bad attitude” toward those behind the camera. Despite the support of celebrities such as singer Kris Lawrence and vlogger Toni Fowler, the backlash against her continues.

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