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Cristy Fermin Called Si Kuya Kim “Bawang”, Vice Ganda “Untouchable”

Cristy Fermin Called Si Kuya Kim “Bawang”, Vice Ganda “Untouchable”

Cristy Fermin Criticized the Personalty Kuya Kim Atienza and Vice Ganda

Showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin criticized the personality of Kuya Kim Atienza and Kapamilya comedian Vice Ganda.

During her “Cristy Ferminute” YouTube show, the celebrity reporter recently discussed the feud between Vice Ganda and Kuya Kim Atienza. Cristy had a heated discussion about the It’s Showtime host and the former host of the show.

Cristy Fermin Kim Vice

After Vice Ganda’s “Ikaw talaga Kuya” statement went viral, the veteran showbiz columnist discussed the two TV anchors. Vice Ganda made the remark while responding to allegations that he mistreated Karylle on air.

Cristy then assumed that the “It’s Showtime” host was referring to Kuya Kim. She then made some candid remarks regarding Vice Ganda and Kuya Kim.

The showbiz vlogger compared Kuya Kim’s personality to garlic. This is because he enjoys dabbling in all of the contentious issues that have gone big on social media. She emphasized that anytime there is a problem, the trivia master is always present.

“Ito kasi namang si Kuya Kim ano, parang bawang na rin ito e. Sawsaw sa lahat ng lutuin. Kung bakit pagka may issue, nakikisawsaw siya, nakikihalo kahit hindi na dapat,” she said.

Vice Ganda, on the other hand, believes he is untouchable. He is the only personality who cannot be contradicted. As if Vice Ganda is the only God’s kid in show business who can play anything and bully anyone. According to Cristy, when it’s his turn to pay attention, he loses his temper and becomes agitated.

“Ito namang si Vice Ganda, ang tingin naman sa sarili niya ay siya ay untouchable. Na sa lahat ng mga personalidad, hindi siya maaaring kontrahin. Na para bang si Vice Ganda ay kaisa-isang anak ng Diyos sa showbiz na pwedeng laruin ang kahit sino, kayang i-bully ang kahit sino. Pero kapag siya na ang pinapansin, nagwa-warla siya, nagagalit siya,” the showbiz vlogger stressed in her video.

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