Love Confession of Bondee User Earns Sad Reactions Online

Love Confession of Bondee User Goes Viral After It Was Posted Online

The bittersweet love confession of a lady Bondee user goes viral and earned sad reactions from the online community.

A Facebook user named Kyra Marie Timacula has shared the screenshot of her fellow Bondee user’s love confession. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online and elicits sad reactions from the netizens.

In the photo, the Bondee user named Jas confessed that she fell in love with her fellow workmate named Ali. She and Ali were best friends not only inside their workplace but even outside. The two were both working at BGC.

Love Confession

Jas knew that her crush could not give back the love she gave but she ends up catching feelings for him. The latter explained that her officemate is busy reaching his goals in life and she wishes him the best.

According to Timacula, Jas sets alarm to buy coffee for Ali regularly. However, Jas discovered that Ali likes another girl and started to drift away from him.

Love Confession

“Bali what happened po is Ali and ate Jas is really close po. Then sa sobrang close nila daw she fell in love. They started as really close friends lang kumbaga platonic. No romantic gestures and all. Since si guy po is nag aaral while working, parang dun po ata nagstart na i-admire ni ate Jas si Ali. Then she started giving coffee everyday sa kanya when she knew na he needs coffee everyday to keep him awake during work kasi night shift po sila sa BGC. Then one day nung nag a-alarm na daw po siya about buying coffee for the guy, she realized na hindi na as a friend ung tingin niya. So now she started drifting away. Kasi the guy likes another girl,” Timacula said.

Kyra revealed that Jas permanently turned off the alarm, which was set when she needs to buy coffee for her crush.

Love Confession

“Here’s a pic sent by ate Jas nung nag aalarm pa siya to buy Ali coffee. Now, she turned it off daw po permanently,” Kyra said.

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