Japan Home Center Receives “Sibuyas” as Customers’ Payments

Japan Home Center Launches Special Promo Where They Accept “Sibuyas” Payments

Japan Home Center in Quezon City launched a special promo where they are accepting “sibuyas” or onions as customers’ payments.

The department shop that sells Japanese-made home goods created a ‘Pay with Sibuyas’ promotion in which clients can get our products in exchange for onions as payment. According to JHC Marketing Officer Mitzi Gamboa, this is a grant in response to consumer requests due to the high price of onions.

“We’re launching a ‘Pay with Sibuyas’ campaign wherein customers can avail of our products in exchange for onions as their form of payment,” Gamboa said.

“The price of onions is rapidly increasing recently and we’ve seen posts and comments of people online jokingly saying if they can buy certain products using onions as their payment since their value is getting high… To grant their requests, we’ll be allowing them to use their onions in purchasing selected products at our store,” she added.

Japan Home Center Sibuyas

Onions will be accepted as payment at the Japan Home Wholesale Centre Panay Avenue location. One onion can be used to purchase one item priced at P88 or two things on clearance or sale. Gamboa stated that any size onion would be accepted, however, there is a 3-item restriction per customer.

Meanwhile, on their Facebook page, it shows customers flocked to Japan Home Centre’s Panay location after they announced that it would accept onions in exchange for merchandise. Customers who arrived with onions instead of cash took advantage of the promotion and walked away with helpful products from the Japanese franchise.

The campaign was Japan Home’s response to the market’s increasing onion costs, which peaked at P600 per kilo in December. The onions gathered throughout the promotion will be donated to Japan Home Centre’s community pantry.

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