Aiko Melendez Slams Airline After Expensive Suitcase was Damaged

Aiko Melendez Airs Dismay to Airline Over Damaged Expensive Suitcase

Veteran actress Aiko Melendez airs disappointment against an airline after her expensive suitcase was allegedly damaged.

After her pricey suitcase was broken on her route to Taiwan, actress, and Quezon City councilor Aiko Melendez aired her thoughts on the airline company. On Wednesday, February 1, the actress posted on Facebook about her dissatisfaction with the airline, including photographs of her damaged luggage.

“Philippine Airlines what happened with our luggage? Our belongings should be treated with care,” said Aiko.

“It was not a full flight, but I’m wondering what went wrong. Rimowa is known to be a heavy-duty luggage it takes a lot of force for this to be damaged,” she added with the hashtag “#disappointed”.

Aiko Melendez Airline Suitcase

According to the actress’ response to her pal in the comment area, she had just arrived in Taiwan and was ready to collect the suitcase from the carousel. She did, however, discover that a section of her suitcase was broken.

“I just arrived in Taiwan.. and when our luggage got out of the carousel ganyan na bro. Tapos we were looking for a counter na we can report this, walang counter [sad emoji] i recieved a message from IG bro they said i should have filed a complaint? How bro eh wala tao and ung isang kausap namen di marunong mag english,”said Aiko.

The actress’ issue was addressed by the airline. In the comment section of her post, the airline apologized for the inconvenience and assured you that they are investigating the situation and will provide updates through direct message.

“Hi, Aiko. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused. We understand how important your baggage is. We have noted that you have also reached out to us via Instagram. We assure you that we are looking into this matter and we’ll get back to you with updates via direct message. Thank you,” the airline said.

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