Vice Ganda Disrespects Karylle In Showtime? Kuya Kim Reacts

Disrespected and treated unfairly? Vice Ganda called out because of this.

VICE GANDA – Netizens from Twitter call out Vice Ganda because of his alleged disrespectful treatment of Karylle.

Were some of his jokes going overboard?

Vice Ganda and Karylle

Some people from Twitter who have watched the recent episode of Its Showtime noticed something as to how Karylle is being treated in the show. Karylle is a part of the noontime show for over a decade now and many attested to her good heart.

However, the recent episode became a triggering factor for some netizens to call out Vice Ganda. The comedian superstar is the main star of the show and he’s always been the one seemingly carrying the whole show because of his assertive approach to entertaining their live and online viewers.

After watching the recent episode, fans of Karylle used social media to air their complaints about Vice giving Karylle unfair treatment. They did not like his “pambabara” to her.

In a specific part, Karylle jested to Vice referring to Vhong Navarro: “Vice, may request si Vhongskie. Kasi last time nagre-rehearse siya sa umaga, tapos binigay mo sa iba yung kanta niya.”

Vice responded, “Anong problema natin, Karylle?” so Karylle went on saying, “Hindi, natatawa lang kami kasi isang buwan, pinraktis daw niya.”

Talking to Navarro, Vice expressed, “O, e, di sana kinanta mo.”

Karylle did not stop there. She pushed the conversation saying, “Sa bawat sulok daw ng bahay niya pinraktis niya.”

But Vice, seemingly done with it already, quipped, “O, okay na yan, Karylle.”

Watch the video below:

Many netizens did not like it and this caught the attention of former Showtime host Kuya Kim Atienza. On Twitter, Kuya Kim wrote “I love you, Karylle” and added that Karylle is “one of the kindest souls” he knows in showbiz. She never accordingly talks negatively to anyone.

Kuya Kim Atienza
Photo grabbed on Twitter


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