Kylie Verzosa on “Matanda” Bashing Her Photos: “Dapat iba IG ng matatanda”

Kylie Verzosa Reacts on “Matanda” Netizen Criticizing Her Photos on Instagram

Model actress Kylie Verzosa took a swipe against a “matanda” netizen who criticized her photos in Instagram.

Following her well-deserved Boracay vacation, the beauty queen recently traveled to France for some fashion tasks. Kylie took to Instagram to post some images of herself while exploring Paris, France.

Despite being wrapped in a coat and wearing layers of clothing in an Instagram image, Kylie hasn’t evaded the conservative netizen. Kylie couldn’t take it anymore and attacked an “old” netizen who interfered with her daring attire and suggested that the starlet wrap her body.

 “Try mo mag Abaya! Ung Black outfit sa Saudi Arabia para naman mysterious ang dating! Kita na naming lahat eh,” the netizen suggested to Kylie.

Kylie, who is known to be unaffected by her critics when it comes to her physique and outfits, appears to have had enough and hit back at them. She advised the old netizen to try only fans, according to her response.

“Mommy try mo only fans baka mas exciting for you,” Kylie said.

A netizen posted a screenshot of the deleted comments, but Kylie responded with another comment in a reposted Instagram story. She went on to say that the Instagram accounts of seniors should be isolated.

“ABANGAN NATIN ONLYFANS NI MOMMY CAROLINE! Hahahahhahahahahhaha ang funny pls. Dapat iba nadin ig ng mga matatanda!!!” said Kylie.

Kylie Verzosa Matanda

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