Dina Bonnevie “Plastikan” w/ Alex Gonzaga? Old Video Surfaces

An old video of Dina Bonnevie and Alex Gonzaga emerged amid their issues.

DINA BONNEVIE – A netizen shared an old video of Dina Bonnevie and Alex Gonzaga amid their issues and other people have these comments.

“Professionalism or Plastikan?”

Dina Bonnevie and Alex Gonzaga

Currently, a trending topic online is the past issue of Dina Bonnevie and Alex Gonzaga. They’ve had an encounter 12 years ago and it was just recently that the veteran actress revealed that she was referring to the younger artist in her old story.

In a previous article, the veteran actress revealed that the confrontation did not happen without reason. Accordingly, she and the other artists in the series they’ve all starred before were irked because of her unprofessionalism.

Accordingly, she was always the cause of delay and would always show up late. And when she would show up late, she was, most of the time, not in her “prepared” condition to work. Bonnevie even added that she cannot cry and for her, as a veteran in the field, she cannot act well because she was indifferent to her co-stars back then.

Her concern has also rooted in the fact that, at that time, she was among the banner artists of the network.

But this has happened a long time ago, the actress would always note in her recent interview.

And amid the issue regarding their past confrontation, an old video of them in a show guesting has emerged online. In the video, Bonnevie has nothing but good words for the young actress in front of the public.

“I feel like she’s my daughter talaga,” said Bonnevie to Gonzaga.

This has caused confusion among the netizens. Was the veteran, at that time, professional or plastic?

Watch the video below:

Here are some comments from the post:

Alex Gonzaga and Dina Bonnevie
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