Dina Bonnevie Full Confrontation w/ Alex Gonzaga Due To Her Unprofessionalism

In “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda”, Dina Bonnevie no holds barred in narrating her confrontation with Alex Gonzaga 12 years ago.

DINA BONNEVIE – Finally shedding light on the speculations, Dina Bonnevie tells everything about the confrontation with Alex Gonzaga.

It’s finally confirmed that veteran actress Dina Bonnevie was referring to Alex Gonzaga, the young star she confronted before because of her reprehensible work ethic. In a previous article, she was the “spokesperson” of their co-stars in the series which is why she was the one who confronted her.

Her words back then at the young star were:

‘Who do you think you are? Are you famous? Who are you? What name have you made? Have you carved your name in stone in showbiz? Your call is at 9 o’clock and you come down from your van at 12 o’clock na naka-pajama? Really?’

And the story of the said confrontation has been undying.

The veteran actress did not disclose this young personality but just recently, she bravely revealed that it was Gonzaga.

In a recent interview, Bonnevie narrated the story and said that there were triggering factors and that her unprofessionalism did not happen once, twice, or thrice. It happened many times and their co-workers, including her, were irked.

Their co-stars back then included Gabby Concepcion, Cheska Iñigo, and Nadine Lustre. She added, “And it didn’t come naman without reason. I mean, we were working together.”

But she denied shouting at her from head to foot. She accordingly talked to her in a professional manner. As she was accordingly the one who had the strength to come up to her and talk about her behavior at work.

Until that one day, the day of the confrontation. Alex was late again that morning.

She narrated based on a report from PEP:

So, anyway, wala pa akong sinabi, hanggang sa lunch break, umalis na naman siya. Pag-alis niya, pagbalik niya, basa yung buhok, walang makeup, so we had to wait na naman for another three hours bago makapag-take. E, siyempre, kumukulo na yung dugo ng lahat. Ako naman, sabi ko, kasi may eksena siya na dapat iiyak siya, e, parang mommy niya ako noon, hindi siya makaiyak.

Sabi ko, ‘Alex, you know why you cannot cry? Because you’re not in touch with your emotions. You’re very indifferent to your co-workers. ‘You know, honestly, I want to talk to you kasi we don’t like what you’re doing, that you’re always late.’

She accordingly reasoned out to her that she has “maraming ganap” and as a veteran actress, she gave her a piece of advice about longevity in the show business industry. With her attitude, she won’t stay long and she also couldn’t even cry or fully memorize her lines.


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