Sen Bato to Durante Murder Case: “Huwag isugal career sa babae”

Senator Bato Dela Rosa Reacts to Jes Durante Linked to Yvonette Plaza Murder Case

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa expresses reactions to Jes Durante being linked to the murder case of Yvonette Chua Plaza.

Bato Durante Murder Case

Dela Rosa was astounded by the alleged involvement of the former PSG leader in the murder of a Davao-based fashion model and businesswoman. Brig. General Jesus Durante III, along with nine soldiers, is facing murder charges in connection with Plaza’s death on December 29 in Davao City.

“Nagulat talaga, nagulat,” Dela Rosa said when reporters asked about Durante’s case. The senator advised the general not to gamble his career and the future of his family because of a woman.

“Dahil nga, inisip ko, general ka na, one-star general ka isusugal mo ‘yung career mo at saka ‘yung future ng pamilya mo dahil lang sa isang babae. Parang ganun ang tingin ko, huwag mong isugal. Kung totoo ‘yan,” he added.

Dela Rosa, like Durante, was the head of the Philippine National Police under the government of former President Rodrigo Duterte, based on the article of Abante. The former PSG chief denies any involvement in Plaza’s death.

Dela Rosa advises those involved in this type of crisis, including uniformed authorities, to stay out of women’s affairs. Because you have a problem if you wind up with a headache. So you should know how to deal with unexpected situations, the Senator stressed.

“Basta, ingat ka talaga, mapunta ka sa tamang babae. Kasi kung napunta ka sa sakit ng ulo, problema mo. Kaya dapat you know how to handle extra things,” said Dela Rosa.

“Pero mas maganda, huwag ka na pumasok sa problema. Talagang problema ‘yan ‘pag pumasok ka ng extramarital affairs,” he added.

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