Rez Cortez Admits His Scenes in Mang Kanor are “Nakakadiri”

Rez Cortez Says “Nakakadiri” Somes of His Scenes in Mang Kanor

Veteran actor Rez Cortez admitted that some scenes in his latest film titled “Mang Kanor” are “nakakadiri”.

During the Mang Kanor premiere at Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City, the veteran actor revealed that he is appalled by some moments in his new film. Mang Kanor’s character is elderly, ugly, wealthy, and enjoys videotaping himself with younger women who do not look down on him.

“Sabi ko nga, kahit na kako nakakadiri ang eksena dahil nakabuyangyang yung malaking tiyan ni Mang Kanor, e, talaga namang dapat nakakadiri si Mang Kanor,” he said.

“Kaya tama yung mga dialogue dun. Para bang… papatulan nila si Mang Kanor pero dahil sa monetary reasons kaya nagkaroon ng mga ganoong sitwasyon,” he added.

Rez  Mang Kanor Nakakadiri

Mang Kanor’s cast also features Rob Sy, Nika Madrid, Seon Quintos, Via Veloso, Emelyn Cruz, Joni McNab, and Atty, in addition to Rez Cortez. Alegre, Aldwin. Greg Colasito wrote and directed it, and it will be available on AQ Prime beginning January 28th, Saturday.

Meanwhile, according to a PEP story, Rez was startled when he saw the film in which he performed the title part for the first time. According to him, intimate sequences are included in the film since it will be aired on AQ Prime, which is not protected by the MTRCB.

“Siguro, magtataka kayo… Kasi, ilalabas naman ito sa AQ Prime na hindi sakop ng MTRCB. Hindi ito bawal. Hindi ito palusot. Kasi nga, yun ang kalakaran ngayon dahil ang mga streaming ay hindi sakop ng ating local MTRCB,” he said.

“Pero… Mang Kanor Part 2 na lang yun. At yun… ibinabalita ko sa inyo, e, nakapagpiyansa na ho si Mang Kanor,”  joked Mang Rez.

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