Angelica Panganiban “Tortured”, Shares COVID-19 Journey

In a new vlog, Angelica Panganiban shares her roller coaster COVID-19 experience.

ANGELICA PANGANIBAN – The whole COVID-19 experience was grueling and this is how Angelica Panganiban survived this.

It has been nearly three years since the coronavirus completely changed our lives. Plans were canceled, we lost our loved ones, we were locked inside our homes, we struggles, and we lost our jobs but amid all these are also the lessons learned, the sacrifices we made to rise above the adversities, and discovering our maximum capacity in order to provide and survive.

This year, we’re almost seeing the end of this dark tunnel. We have slowly returned to the normal life we once had pre-pandemic but there remain certain reminders that the coronavirus is still lingering. And Kapamilya actress Angelica Panganiban has been through this.

Previously, Angge shared that she contracted COVID-19 and in her recent vlog, she shared her whole experience.

Her first day being positive was seemingly like a blur of vision to her. She didn’t know what to do. On top of thinking how she would recover are thoughts about her daughter and not being with her.

And in this whole journey, for her, the more excruciatingly painful was the reality that she cannot hold or feed her baby. She kind of experienced a real deal of sadness thinking that she is away from her daughter during that whole ordeal.

She did experience extreme symptoms but she did experience flu-like symptoms and body pain. The worst she felt was on the second day and that whole journey lasted for six days.

Her future husband never left her and was extra hands-on in her absence. She stayed in the guest room and although Bean is just in another room, she couldn’t help but get emotional every time she heard her cry. She was so close to her and yet so far and this was the actual torture for her during that whole.

Watch the video below:


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