OFW in Dubai Takes Home P224-Million in Emirates Draw

OFW in Dubai Bags P224-Million in Emirates Draw

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai becomes an instant millionaire after he takes home P224 million from Emirates Draw.

Russel Tuazon, an OFW, wept with pleasure after winning the epic big prize in the Emirates Draw on January 13. The Pinoy storekeeper received AED 15,000,000, which is equivalent to 224 million.

OFW Dubai Emirates Draw

Russel made the decision to migrate abroad at the age of nineteen in order to aid his parents and siblings. He landed a job in a well-known restaurant in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Despite his exhaustion, he continued to work to support his family. Russel met the “love of his life” in the UAE as well. Russel had no idea that he would become a millionaire so quickly after joining the game, based on the report.

It appears that his sacrifices and goodwill are the reason to listen to his life dreams. According to Russell, the lucky numbers were a mixture of his loved ones’ birthdays.

“I selected the number 6 – month of my birthday, 29 – date of my birth, 34 – my age, 17 – son’s birthday, 25 – sister’s birthday, and 22 is mother’s birth date,” Russel told The Filipino Times.

He also stated that he intends to start a business that is related to his passion. Emirates Draw said in a statement that Russel deserved to win due to his hard work and determination in life.

Most importantly, Russel’s tale demonstrates the power of perseverance and hard effort. He encourages others to keep striving toward their goals, no matter how difficult the road may be, according to Emirates Draw.

Russel gives a message to his fellow OFWs to continue to expect the unexpected because it may just come true one day. Russel Tuazon became the first Filipino to win the grand prize in this year’s Emirates Draw.

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