Department of Agriculture Says Price of Local Garlic Jumped to P300 Per Kilo

Price of Local Garlic Jumped to P300 Per Kilo, Department of Agriculture Says

The Department of Agriculture reported that the prices of local garlic in the country have jumped to P300 per kilo.

Because of the high prices of goods and commodities, many Filipinos are currently having difficulty budgeting their money. One of those that has increased dramatically is the price of onions, or locally known as “sibuyas“.

Former Senator Kiko Pangilinan stated that the price of onions would make you cry. He compared the prices of red onions in Australia and the Philippines, which are P112 per kilo in Australia but P250 per kilo in the Philippines. According to him, white onions cost P200+ per kilo in the country but only P75 per kilo in Australia.

Department of Agriculture

Recently, the agriculture department said that prices of local garlic were much higher compared to prices of imported products. Currently, local garlic prices stand at P300 per kilo while imported ones were only P80 per kilo.

DA said that most consumers prefer to purchase imported products, which are more affordable than local products. Some Filipino people also claimed imported garlic has more aroma.

The agency conducted an inventory and discovered that the supply of local garlic nearly runs out after the holiday season. Ilocos Norte at Ilocos Sur is still considered the top producer of garlic in the Philippines.

Department of Agriculture

Over 21 metric tons of garlic are expected during the First Harvest Season in February. 3,947 metric tons are expected during harvest in April from 22 Garlic-Producing Towns of Ilocos.

In 2021, the total production of local garlic in the country reached 5,890.14 metric tons, which is far from the demand of 139,509 metric tons.

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