3-year-old Child Harassed by Own Police Father in Laguna

Police Father Arrested After He Harassed Own 3-year-old Child in Laguna

Authorities arrested a father who is also a police officer after he allegedly harassed his own child in Laguna.

Their “lover” was detained at work in Cabuyao, Laguna for reportedly raping his three-year-old son. According to a GTV “State of the Nation” report on Wednesday, police were careful in arresting the man, who was possibly armed.

Police Father Harassed Child

The victim will be four years old in February, according to information obtained. When the child was evaluated by the doctor, it was claimed that he was positively exploited, based on the report.

The defendant has been arrested and will be charged with rape in connection with child abuse at the Cabuyao City Police Station. The defendant categorically disputed the charge leveled against him.

Meanwhile, on January 20, police nabbed a water delivery boy from his hiding in Barangay Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet, for harassing a 14-year-old girl. He was designated as the No.5 Regional Top Most Wanted Person in the Cordillera.

According to the inquiry, the harassment took place in November 2022. The defendant and the victim, “Lea,” 14, were drinking at her home in Baguio City’s Upper Pinget neighborhood.

The defendant allegedly took the victim to his room and exploited him while he was inebriated and dizzy. Meanwhile, the suspect was taken to Camdas Station 2 for documentation. The cops deployed a Body Worn Camera (BWC) during the arrest.

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