Maggie Wilson Reveals Victor Consunji’s Supposed Effort To Control Press Releases

Maggie Wilson shared another intriguing post talking about her battle against her estranged husband

Celebrity Maggie Wilson revealed the effort that her estranged husband businessman Victor Consunji was doing in order to control press releases.

Maggie is currently having her legal battle against Victor. The businessman filed an adultery case against the former beauty queen. However, Maggie is declaring a contradicting statement as she said that it was Victor who cheated on her. Allegedly, Victor’s “other woman” is entrepreneur Rachel Carrasco.

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Amid this issue between the former couple, their social media posts have become the tea of the online community. In a recent Instagram post, Maggie shared that she received offers last year to do interviews but she declined these offers.

“In the last year, I got offered to do so many interviews to give my side of the story, (many of them were willing to pay me) I never agreed. In fact, I ignored the requests,” she wrote.

Maggie Wilson also said that Victor Consunji can pay to make the news releases favorable for him and make his image a good one in front of the public. The model also claimed that her estranged husband allocated a huge amount of money just for the press releases.

“It’s shocking to see that he allocated a budget of nearly 1M dollars (almost 50M pesos) for press releases, some of which was used to block news and write negative things,” Maggie shared.

She also said that those media outlets that accepted payment from Victor are condoning his acts. Maggie stressed that these media outlets are part of the problem. “As many of the published articles are untrue. You know who you are and a recent case filed (not by me) may expose everything,” she added.

Maggie also encouraged the public not to believe everything they read online unless it is directly from the source. The model also has this warning to everyone who is somehow connected to Victor.

To anyone [who] has purchased, done business or in bed with him, you will get screwed. It’s only a matter of time,” Maggie Wilson said.

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Although Maggie did not directly mention the name of her estranged husband in her post, it is quite obvious to many netizens that she is talking about Victor. Here are some of the comments.

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