Building Collapsed in India, 12 People Rescued but Police Fears More Trapped Inside

Rescue Workers Help Victims after Building Collapsed in India, Here’s Update

BUILDING COLLAPSED IN INDIA – Rescue workers were able to take 12 people out from the collapsed building but there’s fear that more are trapped inside.

Among the fears with regards to high-rise buildings is its capacity to withstand the factors that can bring it down. Among these factors are earthquakes and other natural calamities. The passage of time can also be a factor as some materials may deteriorate thus constant maintenance of buildings are needed.

In global history, there were several instances when buildings collapsed due to various reasons. Some were due to attack like the 9-11 incident while others took place after strong quakes shook their areas.

Recently, a building collapsed in India. Based on a report on GMA News, 12 people were rescued from the said building in Lucknow including two (2) kids.

Building Collapsed in India
REUTERS/Pawan Kumar

However, the police authorities fear that more people are trapped inside the building. The said building that collapsed is a residential apartment block in the Northern Indian City.

Rescue workers worked to clear the debris from the site. Based on the report, Director General of Police of Uttar Pradesh D S Chauhan said that 12 people were rescued and, as of this writing, “there has been no recovery of a dead body”.

As of this writing, the police authorities have yet to speak on the possible reason behind the collapse of the building in Lucknow, India. Reportedly, 24 people were inside the building when it collapsed and rescue operations are ongoing. More updates may be posted soon.

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