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President Marcos to Give Erwin Tulfo New Position in Government

President Marcos to Give Erwin Tulfo New Position in Government

President Marcos Has Other Plans and New Position for Erwin Tulfo

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr will give a new position of veteran journalist Erwin Tulfo in the government.

PBBM has a different strategy than the former Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), whose confirmation was denied twice by the strong Commission on Appointments (CA). The President announced this during his interview in the Palace on Monday.

Marcos Erwin Tulfo Position

After being asked if Tulfo would be chosen as one of his presidential advisers, President Marcos made the announcement. Tulfo has done well in the DSWD, according to the President, and he wants the former official to be a member of his administration.

“No, that’s not been – that’s really not been part of the plan for Erwin. No, we have other plans for him. Not as a presidential adviser,” said the President.

He stated that the Palace will find Tulfo another post in the government in order to capitalize on his skills in the sphere of public service. He claimed that the CA only became a challenge to Tulfo because his nomination as DSWD secretary was denied, based on the report.

“I hope so. I hope so. Because whatever we say – difficulties that he faced with the Committee on Appointments, in the CA, he – the time that he was running the DSWD he did a very good job. So we can’t lose that kind of – that kind of asset. So we’ll find something that he can do so we could take advantage of his good instincts when it comes to social service,” added the President.

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