Catriona Gray Shares Story Behind Her Viral Reunion w/ Ne-Yo

Catriona Gray shared details of her Ne-Yo concert experience

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray shared the story behind her reunion with international RnB singer Ne-Yo that went viral.

On January 23, the Araneta Coliseum roared with cheer for Ne-Yo. His fans in the Philippines have been waiting for his comeback and it happened this year. The RnB singer definitely made his fans so happy and one of them was Catriona.

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The fourth Pinay Miss Universe trended online as her video having her reunion onstage with Ne-Yo caught the attention of many netizens. Once again, Catriona showcased her lava walk which she did in 2018 when Ne-Yo serenaded the Miss Universe 2018 finalists.

When the singer asked the former beauty queen her name, she said “My name is Catriona. I actually walked with you in Thailand.” Ne-Yo said, “I remember you.” He hugged her and a wide smile was seen on her face.

Catriona Gray talked about that surreal experience that she had. “Obviously had the best night ever last night at the @neyo concert in Manila! I actually watched him in concert in SM MOA back in 2010,” she wrote in the caption of her post. She reiterated that she is a big fan and she was just shy back in 2018 to approach him backstage at MU 2018.

However, last night was a big chance for her to go near her favorite singer. Catriona shared that Ne-Yo asked members of the audience to dance but she knows she is not a dancer.

But then everyone around me was pointing to me and, taking notice, one of the stage managers picked me to take me to the stage,” she shared. This made Catriona so nervous. Even though she is not a dancer, there is one thing that she is sure that she knows and it is how to “WUAALLKKKK,” and so she did.

Once again, Catriona Gray showcased her lava walk and the crowd was loudly cheering for her.

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