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Vice Ganda Pays College Tuition Fee Of A Restaurant Staff's Son

Vice Ganda Pays College Tuition Fee Of A Restaurant Staff’s Son

Vice Ganda Shows Kindness and Generosity by Paying Tuition Fee Of A Restaurant Staff’s Son

VICE GANDA – Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda showed his kindness and generosity by paying the college tuition fee of a restaurant staff’s son.

Before Vice Ganda skyrocketed to fame, he began with small moments and some or most of them were difficult and uneasy. He undoubtedly ranks among the most powerful and influential public figures in the Philippines right now.

The Kapamilya tv host is already a superstar, yet despite all these impressive names, people still admired him for his humility. He never changed, and he never lost sight of his roots. As he reached the top, he made sure that his family and his closest friends were with him.

vice ganda
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Sassa Gurl, a content creator, is one of the recent recipients of Vice Ganda’s generosity. The comedienne gave his Little pony Sassa a pair of shoes. The present was unexpected but it made Sassa really happy. He was ecstatic to receive such a thoughtful and grand present from Vice.

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vice ganda
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Vice Ganda once again proved her kindness and generosity in a new episode of her vlog on YouTube. He titled it “Gandara the Beksplorer (Episode 7).”

In one part of his new vlog, he and his friends can be seen looking for something to eat. Vice decided to call a restaurant however, they were rejected because the other crew had already gone home. A few moments later Vice received a call where he found out that they could proceed to the restaurant.

After they went to the restaurant where he made a reservation for their dinner, Vice personally talked to the female supervisor.

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Vice Ganda interviewed her and decided to pay the tuition fee of a dining supervisor’s son. He said he believes that it was not a coincidence that he and the supervisor met each other and he said that he wanted to be a bridge to alleviate the problem of the resto staff who is also a mother.

The comedian was very happy to help. Even the son of said resto staff also thanked Vice Ganda for the help he extended for his studies.

Watch the video below:

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