Rabiya Mateo Gives Basher a Lesson Over Remarks on Message for Celeste

Rabiya Mateo Slammed a Basher Criticizing Her Message for Celeste Cortesi

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo gives a lesson to a basher for criticizing her video greetings for Celeste Cortesi.

Rabiya recently shared a video on her Instagram account in which she sends a message to contender Celeste Cortesi. According to her video, she congratulated Celeste for her determination and competence during the Miss Universe competition.

“Victory is ours! 5th crown for the country. Since Day 1, I saw how determined you are babe. Thank you for making the country proud @celesti_cortesi!” can be read on her Instagram.

However, numerous internet users attacked the video she post for Celeste. A netizen even disparaged her because of her purported ability to jinx things, resulting in no candidate placement for the first time.

“Gaga ka kasi lakas mo maka-jinxed. Wala tuloy tayong placement for the first time since 2010. Dinamay mo pa sa kamalasan mo si Celeste. Kaloka,” Instagram user said.

Rabiya was irritated by a comment made by a netizen. Rabiya immediately appealed on netizens to help her to find out the address, identity and full details of the basher who is an instructor and entrepreneur with the username “@c.ilmrnn”.

She said, “Can someone help me to locate this person so I can message the company she/he is working from and tell them how their employee reacts on social media? Name, address, and  full details.”

Rabiya Mateo Basher

Following Rabiya’s response, the basher erased her comment and made her Instagram account private. Rabiya insisted on teaching the basher a harsh lesson.

“Since she went on private, let me teach this one a lesson. Can someone send me her name, address, and where she/he works from? Our actions have legalities. Let me teach you a serious lesson  Madame,” Rabiya warned.

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